It’s hard to believe, but the year 2018 is about to come to a close. While pool and spa companies may not be as busy as companies in other industries during the holiday season, there are certain online marketing mistakes which can be hurting your sales.

  •  Not Taking Advantage of the Busiest Sales Period of the Year

Sure, your pool and spa business may be pretty seasonal. But that doesn’t mean that you should shut down all online marketing and sales opportunities as soon as the cold weather rolls around.

The holiday season is the most lucrative time of the year. Design marketing campaigns that take advantage of not only the major events (like Black Friday, Hanukkah and Christmas), but that can open up doors to converting new leads and making sales like Cyber Monday, Giving Tuesday, Small Business Saturday and Free Shipping Day, which is slated for Dec. 14 this year.

Need some generic ideas to get the ball rolling?

  • Give a pool and spa owner the gift of pool and spa services for a week/month/year
  • Promote the health benefits of a pool and/or spa and why it’s a great gift for a loved one
  • Discount online product purchases on Cyber Monday and/or on Free Shipping Day
  • Offer gift certificates for your pool building or pool maintenance services
  • Not Sending a Thank You to Leads and Customers

Sending a quick thank you note by email or through our postcard retargeting services is a great way to reach out to leads and loyal clients. It shows your appreciation and helps build a stronger relationship between your clients and your brand (feel free to include a discount or a promotion to further boost sales!).

  • Failing to Retarget Warm Audiences

One of the biggest mistakes businesses in all industries make is focusing on converting cold traffic rather than honing in on warm prospects.

Your potential customers know that there are good deals around every corner of the online universe around this time of year. Don’t miss a single lead and put your ad retargeting powers to work! Facebook and Google both offer intuitive and incredible ad retargeting options that will put your brand name front and center.

Need help with your holiday online marketing campaign? Contact us online or give the digital media marketing experts here at Pool Marketing Site a call at (281) 569-4370.

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