The holiday season may be just days away, but it’s never too late to improve your local SEO holiday marketing strategy (after all, there are always those last minute holiday shoppers!). Below are three of our top tips for some quick and easy ways you can up the ante and drive targeted audiences to your website to check out your pool and spa products, pool designs and services this holiday season.

Check Your Local Business Listing

If you don’t have a local business listing on Google yet, now is definitely the time to get one up and running. If you do, then it’s good practice to check it over to make sure all of your information is correct.

Some of the most common inaccurate details found in Google My Business listings include an incorrect business name, a former business address or old, disconnected telephone numbers. Be sure to update those inaccurate details so not to lose any more potential business.

Now is also a good time to upload photos and images such as an advertisement for your holiday promotion and a picture that shows your store decked out in holiday decor.

Changing your hours this holiday season? While on your Google My Business Page, take a couple of minutes to add those revised times to your Google My Business listing.

Create Festive Pay-Per-Click Ads

Make those PPC campaigns of yours a bit more jolly and bright by incorporating a number of holiday-related keywords into your listings. Your ads should also align with any holiday promotions that you’re running both in-store and on your website.

Be Prepared for Enhanced Customer Service

The holidays can be a stressful time for shoppers. This can mean an increase in questions and complaints from customers – especially if they don’t receive a response from you in a timely manner.

Now is a great time to brush up on your resolution skills (if you have employees, set some training time aside or create a quick refresher course on how to resolve customer complaints both in-store and online). Make sure your company phone number is prominently displayed both in your physical store and on your website so customers know where to go with their questions or concerns.

Protect Your Online Presence This Holiday Season with Pool Marketing Site

From local SEO and Google My Business listings to reputation management, the accomplished team of digital media marketers at Pool Marketing Site have the expertise you need to protect and promote your brand online this holiday season.

Contact us online or call us today to chat about your goals this holiday season at (281) 569-4370.

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