When you produce a video for your business, the online marketing magic doesn’t have to stop once it’s been uploaded to YouTube and Facebook. Here are four free ideas for getting the most out of any pool and spa marketing video you create.

1. Turn Your Video Into a GIF

People love GIFs because they’re quick, and when done right, they are extremely entertaining.

Converting a snippet of your video into a GIF, as seen below, is easy to do, and it gives you the opportunity to highlight the crème de la crème of your video. You can then share it with your customers and prospects through email, Messenger or text message.

2. Create a Written Transcript

Bulk up your written content and create a written transcript of your video.

While it’s true that the majority of people prefer viewing video content over any other type, there are still those out there who would rather read content or they may be unable to view your video for one reason or another.

Another benefit of having a written transcript is that it will only further help you climb the ranks of those search engine results, making your pool and spa company more visible to the online world.

3. Claim Your Custom YouTube URL

YouTube is the second largest search engine after its parent company Google. Take advantage of this fact and create your own custom YouTube URL featuring your company name for greater exposure.

4. Make Video Playlists

Putting together one or more playlists featuring either your videos exclusively or also those of complementary businesses (if you sell certain brand name pool cleaning products and heaters in your store, for instance) will extend your reach online and will help your video get more views.

Make the Most out of Your Videos from Pool Marketing Site

Pool Marketing Site specializes in producing high-end videos at affordable rates for businesses in the pool and spa industry. We offer monthly video marketing subscription services which have been proven to boost brand awareness, generate leads, and drive sales.

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