There is no question that the commercial interest in artificial intelligence (AI) is growing. Businesses of all shapes and sizes are welcoming AI-powered technologies into their operations, especially since getting in on it now means getting ahead of the curve.

Take customer service, for example. Customer service is critical for gaining and retaining keen pool and spa prospects, but many companies in this industry simply do not always have the time or resources necessary to devote to this critical business component.

This is where AI, like chatbots, can step in and do some of the heavy lifting. Chatbots can tackle a number of tasks, like answering basic questions, creating support tickets, and routing messages to appropriate team members.

Customer service isn’t the only area of business well served by AI. These burgeoning technologies are also incredibly useful for a number of other things designed to help improve your pool business, including:



Running a marketing campaign today is a challenge for many local businesses because of the sheer amount of data and digital expertise necessary to make sure it goes without a hitch.

This is where AI can come in and take the helm of your campaign. For example, you can unleash marketing campaigns and operations across multiple channels, analyze their performance and then have the AI adjust your spending according to preset parameters – all without any human involvement.


Product-Market Fit

Chances are you don’t have the time to comb through stacks of consumer data to identify patterns in hopes of finding out what certain customer segments want. With AI, you can best predict which customers may be interested in a spa, which may be looking around for an inground pool, and who may be wanting to build an outdoor kitchen. AI will direct targeted campaigns to these warm and interested leads, significantly increasing the chances of you getting their business.


Competitor Analysis

Wondering how the pool company down the street made such a big splash online? With AI, you won’t have to wonder any longer. Unlike ever before, you can watch your competitors and analyze their online behavior. Competitive analysis tools watch what your competitors are doing for you across an array of channels so that you can adjust your own online behavior accordingly, like kicking off an awesome promotion right before your competitors do.


Customer Relationship Management Software

Modern platforms are capable of completing a number of tasks in mere seconds that may otherwise take the average person hours or even days to complete. Let’s take analyzing customer sentiment, for example. This may be based on phone conversations, social media posts and emails. This technology won’t just give you a better understanding of what your customers want. You can adjust your marketing and prospect generating activities in real-time based on that information.  


Make the Most Out of Your Online Marketing Campaigns

The pool and spa industry is a challenging space for sales and marketing, which is exactly why the Pool Marketing Site, a division of Small Screen Producer, exists today. Our team is committed to putting our digital media marketing knowledge and expertise to work for you so that you get the best results and meet your goals.

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