The factors used to determine where a website will land on the search engine pages are constantly changing. Five years ago mobile usability wasn’t an issue, but today mobile page speed will have a huge impact on whether you end up on page 1 or page 30 of Google search results.

Wonder what else matters when it comes to page rank in 2018? In addition to mobile usability, here are four more ranking factors your pool business needs to focus on, with the first being no surprise.


Black hat SEO practices are growing even smaller in our rear view mirrors as we venture further into the digital landscape of 2018. Quality content that has been optimized for keywords are beneficial for numerous reasons, like:

  • Visitors will spend more time on the page
  • Page experience a lower bounce rate
  • Visitors are more likely to engage and return to your page

If you’ve already been creating great content and posting regularly, then you’re undoubtedly seeing the results. If not, then there’s no time like the present to start putting together a solid content marketing strategy.

Keyword Research

Speaking of keywords, getting keyword research down pat can take your search-ability across all search engines to the next level.

The best approach to take is to use relevant and proven effective keywords in the pool industry as a roadmap for your content creation process. Focus on keywords that have an average search volume but that boast a high click-through rate for your target market for best results.


This is where you strive to answer what exactly your visitors are looking for when they visit your webpage.  CoSchedule reported that by realigning their SEO content strategy to suit searcher intent, they saw a 594 percent increase in webpage traffic!

Use data and analytics to determine what pages your visitors are landing on and where they went from there to piece together what your potential prospects are searching for. Then create content and a user experience that caters to their intent.

User Experience

What may be the biggest game changer for websites in 2018 is the user experience (UX).

Main Street Host found that by optimizing their call-to-action buttons and updating their content that there was a 66 percent increase in page views. Ezoic saw even greater results, finding a 186 percent increase in earnings per 1,000 visitors after they built a better UX for their website.

So what affects the “user experience”? Three very important things, to be exact.

  • Page layout
  • Page speed
  • Content, videos and images (both the quality and placement)

Having a mobile-friendly and responsive pool business website is also critical. That way you know that visitors from any device – whether it’s a PC or a smartphone – are able to view and engage with your brand online just the way you intended.

Boost Your Webpage Ranking with Pool Marketing Site

The digital marketing team at Pool Marketing Site is experts in creating interactive and engaging brand experiences for you and your visitors. From sophisticated site navigation to professionally crafted content and high quality videos, you can count on us to help your business succeed in today’s challenging online landscape.

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