If you’ve ever wondered how important Google Reviews and reputation management are to your pool and spa business, this new report from BrightLocal is sure to convince you of just how critical it is for you to take control over your reputation online.

Nearly 94,000 local businesses across 26 different industries and from countries around the globe were involved in this Google Reviews Study. The purpose was to uncover just how important Google Reviews are when it comes to visibility in search results.

Almost All Local Stores Have Google Reviews

An astounding 94% of local stores have at least one Google Review, with the average number of reviews coming in at 125 reviews per business (the average across all industries was 74% and 39 reviews).

  • Local businesses in the first three spots of the SERPs had an average of 169 reviews
  • Local businesses sitting in fourth, fifth and sixth spot had an average of 104 reviews
  • Local businesses ranked seventh through tenth in the SERPS had an average of 117 reviews

The study found that there was a significant disparity between industries and the number of reviews. Hotels, restaurants and bars, for example, had hundreds of more reviews than accountants, landscaping and gardening businesses, and senior living services.

Star Rating May Affect Rank in Google

Having a high star rating seems to be a correlating factor in terms of rank. As the study found, 84% of local businesses sitting in those coveted top three search rank positions had a star rating between four and five stars while 11% had a rating between three and four stars.

Local businesses sitting in the top three positions in Google had an average star rating of 4.2. Those ranking in fourth through 10th position had an average of 4.1 stars.

The study found that across all industries, the difference in the average star rating between businesses placed in the top three positions and those in positions seven through 10 in Google Local was only 0.02 stars. This means that a single mediocre or poor review may make all the difference in where your pool or spa company sits in Google’s search results.

Reviews and Ratings Matter

If the above results weren’t enough to convince you that your online reputation matters, consider this: In another recent study, BrightLocal discovered that almost one-quarter (23%) of clicks in the search engine results pages were directly influenced by review ratings and numbers with the majority of those coming from Google Reviews.

Reviews and ratings back up your business. They give potential customers the social proof and the trust they need to reach out to your company first before contacting competing businesses.

It’s time for you to take full control over your presence online. Here at Pool Marketing Site, we offer comprehensive reputation management solutions that place the power of your online business right where it belongs – in your hands.

Click here to arrange for your free demo of our reputation management platform or give us a call today at (281) 569-4370.

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