For pool businesses in North America, a company’s off-season may fall anywhere between October through to April, depending on your geographic location. Fortunately, Facebook is rolling out new tools that will make hiring seasonal employees once the season picks up again much easier.

These new jobs tools are set to go live before this year’s upcoming holiday season, but they are set to stick around once pool opening season ramps up in the spring. So how can you utilize this new feature and find valuable employees?

  • Share Jobs in Groups. Businesses can now advertise any job openings on their page, on  Marketplace, and on the Jobs bookmark.
  • Assign a Jobs Manager. Rather than rely on the page admin to post jobs and manage applications, Facebook now allows you to assign a Jobs Manager to take on those responsibilities.
  • Track Applications. You’ll now be able to find a fresh set of tools under the Manage Jobs tab designed to help you sort, filter and mark candidates according to preference.

Buyer and Seller Ratings in Marketplace

Since Facebook Marketplace was introduced about two years ago, its become a leading buying and selling platform with an estimated one in three members in the United States using it. The company is now helping sellers list and sell their products and services thanks to newly implemented AI features.

Here’s how it works:

  • A user will upload a photo of an item and provide a description
  • Marketplace will automatically select a category for the product to be listed under
  • Marketplace will then suggest a range of prices based on what similar items have sold

Both sellers and buyers will also be able to rate their experience with one another and leave feedback. Sellers can leave a rating if a buyer has sent them a minimum of one message, while buyers can rate a seller if there has been at least one back and forth interaction between the two parties.


Facebook: A Powerful Way to Communicate with Prospects and Customers

Facebook is a compelling platform that, when use correctly, will deliver qualified leads and keen potential customers to both your physical and virtual doorstep.

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