Lead Generation

Lead generation for pool business is like throwing a party. You’ve bought the chips, you’ve laid out the dip, and you’ve sent out the invitations. But once the guests arrive, you need to make the party worth their while if you want them to stick around.

Casual website visitors who aren’t converting into leads are the party guests that “ghost” or leave before the festivities have come to a close. All is not lost, though, as there is hope for the casual website visitor. Utilizing these five tips will help your pool business go a long way in transforming passive visitors into lucrative leads.

1. Improve Your Website Load Time

Let’s start with the basics. Website speed. Most of us have heard the statistic that visitors will leave a website if it takes more than three seconds to load. According to Kissmetrics, nearly half (47 percent) of us expect a website to fully load, images and all, in two seconds or less!

The lesson? It doesn’t matter how great your content or website design to grab a visitor’s attention. Your traffic attracting efforts will go to waste if you leave visitors waiting for it to load at the front doors of your website.

2. Step Up Your Mobile Search Results

Having a mobile-friendly responsive website is an obvious must considering that the vast majority of us use our mobile devices to research companies, look up products and make purchases. As it turns out, your mobile search and navigation functions may be to blame for your poor mobile visitor conversions.

Recent data from RichRelevance revealed that nearly one-third (32 percent) of shoppers were unhappy with the search results they received when searching a retailer’s mobile site or app. In fact, the survey found that 95 percent of those consumers would probably leave a retail site because of poor search results.

The next time you check out your pool website from your smartphone or tablet, take the time to see how easy it is to navigate from those devices. Make sure there’s a search function in place, and test it out to see if the results are accurate and relevant.

3. Check Your Website Design

Visual appeal is everything. Think about it. Would you rather be greeted by rich images of beautiful custom pool projects and features, and easy to read fonts? Or would you prefer to scroll through a wall of running links and crushed, illegible text?

According to Adobe, 38 percent of people won’t continue to engage with a website if the content or the layout is unattractive. Two-thirds of people surveyed prefer to read something that is what they consider beautifully designed rather than something plain.

Our eyes will tell us when to stay on a page and when to go. Your website design has to appeal to your audience, tell your story, and have your visitors excited to take action if you want to transform those casual visitors into long-term leads for your pool business.

4. Have an Offer Worth Sticking Around For

One of the biggest lead generation for pool business mistakes companies make is that they focus on the sale rather than the sales journey. The majority of pool website visitors are in research mode. They aren’t even close to making a commitment to purchase a product or tear up their yard to build a pool.

Offering something to casual visitors that will encourage them to engage with your website, immediately connect them with your brand and lead them further along the sales journey. Not only will your offer be a valuable resource for your visitors, it will gather juicy information about each lead that your sales team can later use to convert these newfound prospects into profitable clients.

Pam Vinje, founder of Pool Marketing Site and Mystaycation Builder, a proven lead generation for pool business conversion tool, has found that the solution is to offer your visitors something they do want.

“MyStaycation Builder converts passive website visitors into active, engaged participants in the buying process while collecting valuable lead information that goes directly to your sales team,” says Pam Vinje. “While they’re having fun designing, your collecting valuable information to pass along to your sales team. These are real time leads delivered directly to your inbox that can be qualified using the information they provide.”

5. Don’t Leave the Human Element Behind

Human interaction is no longer a necessity in many parts of our lives. But as Mattersight Corporation uncovered in a recent survey, even an overwhelming number of millennials, the first generation to grow up in the digital age, prefer face-to-face exchanges over digital communications.

That human element we all crave can be injected into websites without a human even being present. Want to know how?

  • Messenger and chat apps are increasing in demand and can readily connect you with website visitors and leads.
  • Images and video are the most effective tools available to make meaningful connections with casual visitors.
  • Don’t be afraid to show off and to brag about yourself and your staff! Let your visitors know more about the people behind the product through blog posts, social media and video.

Here’s the bottom line. Casual website visitors need a good reason to convert into solid leads. While customer satisfaction will always be paramount, don’t forget to check the technical aspects of your website, to work on building genuine connections, and to offer valuable visitor info-gathering resources for ultimate lead generation for pool business success.


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