One thing Pool Marketing Site clients often ask about is how they can get a better return on their Google Ads. They’ve done the standard geolocation targeting (where you cast out a specified radius hoping to reach your ideal audience), and while they’re seeing some improvements in traffic and sales, their results aren’t exactly stellar.

Want to improve the performance of your Google Ads? As a pool and spa company, it’s well worth your while to take the time to incorporate local-friendly Google Ads extensions to your advertisements.

What Are Google Ads Extensions?

Ad Extensions give pool and spa companies the opportunity to include additional information about their business through Google AdWords. These extensions often contain information like your company telephone number, seller reviews and links to your website, all without eating up your limited ad copy character space.

Ad Extensions are completely free to use and they’re well known to increase click-through rates. Here’s some more good news for you: A lot of your competitors are using them wrong (if they’re even using them at all), so here is how you can enhance the effectiveness of your Google Ads with just a few minutes of work.

1. Location Extensions

A shocking number of top listings on Google search don’t contain any location information. This is bad news for them since Google reports that 76% of people who searched for a product or service nearby visited that physical location within 24 hours (and 28% of those people made a purchase!).

Location extensions can be added right from the “Extensions” tab in the Google Ads dashboard. Now when potential customers click on your location, Google Maps will pop up with easy directions right to your store or showroom.

2. Phone Call Extensions

Mobile searches are dominating Google these days, making it all the more important that you have a phone number readily available for current and future clients to call. When a phone call extension is added, your company phone number will show up right beneath your ad headline in Google.

3. Dynamic Sitelinks

Dynamic sitelinks take visitors beyond your introductory homepage and right to where they want to be. If they’re interested in designing a pool, they’ll be whisked away to the proper web page (like your My Staycation Builder page). If they’re looking to buy pool chemicals, that dynamic sitelink will deliver them directly to that part of your site.

This extension can easily increase the impact of your advertising efforts. Dynamic sitelinks immediately connect people with what they are looking for, and they’re automatically done for you so you don’t need to set up a new sitelink or create new text for your ad.

You Deserve More from your Google Ads

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