Google My Business has some new updates that may pique your interest for your pool and spa business.

Previously based on your store’s physical location and a mile-based radius, the Service Area Businesses (SABs) can now set their service area based on a city, region, or ZIP code.

Businesses now have the option to not display their business address, although the majority of pool and spa companies will still want to make sure it’s clearly displayed so clients can find their way to your front doors.

Two Service Area Options for SABs

There are now two options for SABs in Google My Business:

  • If you don’t serve clients at your business address, you now have the option to leave the address field blank, and you can fill in the service area information section only.
  • If you do serve clients at your business address, and also have a service area, you can enter both your physical address and your service area.

Opening a New Location? Announce It on Google Maps!

Google also confirmed earlier this week that they’re rolling out a feature where businesses can announce when they’re opening up a new store or business location and it will appear before that day on Google Maps.

This update is great for building awareness and sharing pertinent info like your business hours and what customers can expect from your pool and spa company (like if you exclusively build and design pools or if you also offer regular maintenance services).

Make the Most out of Google My Business

Google My Business is constantly rolling out brand new features and updates! Are you able to keep up?

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