If you want to find customers online, Google Ads and Facebook Ads are the way to go. With there being five billion Google searches performed daily and over two billion active monthly users on Facebook, these two marketing platforms are absolutely dominating the online advertising space.

The problem is that a lot of pool and spa businesses are putting too many resources into one ad type when they should really be focusing on the other. But it starts with knowing which platform will benefit your pool business more.

So which ad type should you be investing in?  It all boils down to consumer intent.


What Is Consumer Intent?

Consumer intent is about understanding the thoughts of your customer. Another way of phrasing customer intent is to consider it your customer’s purpose. Why are they going there? What do they intend to do when they get there? Are they looking to buy a brand new pool or do they need a bit of help with maintaining the one they currently have? Pinpointing your customer intent is the first step in deciding whether Google Ads or Facebook Ads is a better fit for your pool business.

When most of us log into our Facebook accounts, we’re not going there to buy a product. We’re going there to get the scoop on the latest news about friends, family, and world events.


Google Ads

With Google, however, you can never be too sure just why someone is going there. They very well could be heading that way with the intent of making a purchase, or they may be in the research phase  for a product, or they may not be intending to crack open their wallet at all.

Google Ads is the best place to advertise if your goal is to tap into a massive amount of search traffic. You can get yourself front and center through a number of Google Ads formats, like:


  • Search network — Campaigns appear based on keywords and show up at the top of Google search results
  • Display network — Ads, including videos and images, are shown on apps and websites when keywords related to your site’s content are entered
  • Google shopping — eCommerce ads that show your product for relevant and high-intent searches
  • Video — Video ads that are streamed across the Google Display Network and on sites like YouTube
  • Retargeting —Sophisticated retargeting option that allows you to remarket your wares to a “lost” customer

With Google Ads sounding so appealing, why bother with Facebook Ads at all?


Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads certainly have their place. Integrated directly into newsfeeds and appearing just like a normal post, your Facebook Ads are great for building brand awareness and reach when it comes to your pool business.

The platform offers an array of targeting options, is generally less expensive than Google Ads, and Facebook Ads work well in combination with other social media strategies.


So Which Social Media Ad-Type Is Right for Your Pool Business?

If your sole purpose is wanting to build your following, then Facebook is the spot to be. But for pool and spa leads, sales and consultations, both ad types will do the job nicely, though this depends on your goals, specific marketing campaigns, and more.

The digital media marketing experts at Pool Marketing Site know Google Ads and Facebook Ads and how to help you maximize your advertising budget and get the best return on your investment. Contact us today at (281) 569-4370 to learn more.

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