The time has finally come. Google has announced that it will be closing the doors to its troubled Google+ social network effective August 2019.

While this is hardly a surprise to many, it’s important to take a look at what we should be doing about it – even if you barely used the network.


  • Save Your Existing Content

If you used Google+, take advantage of Google’s tool “Google Takeout,” which will download and save everything from your profile. It may be a good idea to close your account before Google goes ahead and does the job for you, especially since the platform has suffered its share of data leaks over recent years.


  • Get Rid of the G+ Social Sharing Button

That G+ share button can be lingering in a lot of little places, such as your blog, web page, landing page, printed marketing materials, in-store signs, or personal and company email signatures.

Removing that social sharing button may take some time, so be sure to get a head start on the process by beginning the vetting process now.


  • Invest Your Efforts in Google My Business

Did you know that Google My Business had a handy feature called “Google My Business Posts?”

While it’s not a social network like Google+, it offers pool and spa companies a fantastic opportunity to share and post the same content you may have otherwise posted on Google+ and other social media sites. Best of all, the posts show up right in the search engine results pages along with your pool company’s Google My Business account.


Want to Learn More about Google My Business?

Here at Pool Marketing Site, we know just how to put Google My Business to work for companies in the pool and spa industry. We engage visitors, draw warm prospects to your doors and we turn leads into returning loyal customers.

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