Controlling your Google My Business account has just become a lot more convenient for pool and spa business owners.

Google recently updated its Google My Business app to include many of the functions which can currently be found on the general Google My Business platform. This means that pool and spa business owners will have more control over their online business when on-the-go.

New Google My Business App Features

Here are just some of the features you’ll find in this new and improved app:

1. Customers Tab

Now you can view and respond to client messages, reviews and appointment requests. This is a big deal considering the sooner you respond to current and potential clients, the more likely they will choose your pool company over your competitor.

2. Posts

Upload images, create offers and update events through the new “Post” option. Anything you post will be added directly to your company’s Business Profile with Google.

3. Notifications

You’ll receive instant notifications the moment a customer takes action, like if they’ve booked a pool design consultation, submitted a review, or sent you a message.

4. Analytical Information

You no longer need to click and scroll through virtual pages to find basic analytical data. With the new app, your profile results can be easily found right on the home screen.

Why You Should Care About Google My Business

A question people often ask is, “Why should I care about Google My Business?”

Simply put, it elevates both your online presence and your presence in your local community.

Consider this. People have connected to local businesses more than 9 billion times through Google search. Google search has lead to the initiation of well over 3 billion requests for directions to local stores. Over 1 billion phone calls to local businesses like yours have been generated via Google.

Google My Business is an amazing platform for local pool and spa companies who want to increase their exposure both online and off.

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