Last year, Google My Business introduced a variety of CTA options for business listings, including those in the pool and spa industry. There’s the choice to sign up for a company newsletter, to order a product online, and an opportunity for visitors to take advantage of a promotion or offer.   

Now businesses across all Google categories can add a “Call Now” button to their listing.

The obvious benefit is that it makes it easier for potential customers to reach out and engage with you. But before you trigger the “Call Now” option, it’s important to keep two things in mind.

  • The number cannot be changed. When you choose to include the “Call Now” option for your Google My Business listing, you won’t be able to change the phone number (the number included is the primary phone number linked to your Google My Business account). This means that the phone number can’t be used as a tracking number.
  • Users will be prompted to leave a review. Make sure your customer service skills are up to snuff! Once a user clicks this new call button, Google will ask them to leave a review.

Get Verified and Expedite Sales with Google My Business

All pool businesses with a verified Google My Business listing can create engaging sales-driving posts that will appear alongside search results, Google Maps and on the Google My Business page.  

The problem? A lot of pool and spa companies are doing it wrong.

From low quality photos and mismanaging Google reviews to simply having incorrect information on their listing, a lot of businesses are unnecessarily squandering this potential revenue driving resource. But there is a solution.

At Pool Marketing Site, our digital marketing experts make sure that our clients are able to get the most value and drive the highest ROI with each and every Google My Business listing.

Click here to learn more about how we deliver fresh, targeted prospects to our clients, or give us a call today to chat about your online marketing strategy at (281) 569-4370.

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