Content marketing can be used in a lot of ways to reach out and engage pool and spa clients.  One of the most effective ways is with how-to content.

From how to close your pool for the season to troubleshooting common pool heater and spa issues, how-to content is arguably the best way to win new customers and maintain the good relationships you have with your existing client base.

According to research from Ascend Integrated Media, 74% of people who use the Internet prefer to learn about products through content as opposed to traditional ads. This makes sense since today’s consumer wants to walk away from your content feeling as if they’ve gotten something of value from it rather than simply be entertained.

So how can you put together a great how-to content marketing strategy?

Find out What Audiences Want to Know

There are a lot of ways for you to uncover different how-to topics that you can share with your online audience, like:

* Design online polls and quizzes to find topics.
* See what competitors are writing about and how their audiences respond.
* Check your data to trace your customers’ journey on your website, and look for any common paths to uncover what questions they may have.

When in doubt, don’t be afraid to ask! Reach out to audiences on social media, through online forums, or ask them when they stop by your store or showroom. Chances are you’ll find a lot of the top topics are about how to balance their pool and spa water, how to clear a green or cloudy pool, and how to design a pool.

Work in Some SEO

If you’re familiar with optimizing content, be sure to naturally integrate some inticing keywords into the text, headlines, descriptions and more.  

Not familiar with SEO? Here’s some good news: How-to content is a top performer with search engines. Having a how-to post, image or video with a “How-To” title will instantly give your content a bit of a boost with Google.

Figure out the Best Format

Text may be the easiest way to pump out content. But did you know that visuals are the most effective way to engage audiences and convert leads?

Instructional content of any kind can be a bit dry at times. To keep readers entertained, you should at the very least have images to accompany that content.

The best how-to content comes in the form of video. Viewers can literally see the problem and you solving the problem, making it super easy for them to follow along and learn what to do.

For the past several years, Pool Marketing Site has been perfecting how to create top quality and engaging educational videos. Our clients use our professional video services to educate consumers and company employees alike.

Check out our content marketing video services here and reach out to us with any questions you may have by contacting us today!

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