Event marketing is a major part of pool and spa company sales and brand promotion. During these cooler months, savvy businesses in this space will craft in-store events that focus on new pool design, pool building and remodeling, exclusive product previews, and end-of-the-year discounted product sales.

Events are important because they build trust and they give you a chance to interact with your customers one-on-one. More than 90% of customers feel more positive about a brand after attending an in-person event, and 85% of customers are more likely to purchase from you after partaking in an in-store experience.

As a storefront or showroom with a physical location, it’s an absolute must to invest in ensuring that your phone numbers, your business hours, and driving directions are accurate across the Internet. Managing the information shared about your event online can be even more of a challenge – so challenging that a lot of your competitors are simply choosing to not promote their events online at all.

A poorly promoted event means poor turnout and a loss in potential sales. Before kicking off your next event this season, here are a few things to consider.


Choose the Right Thing to Promote

What you promote during the fall and winter will depend on a number of factors including past sales during this time period, geographic location, product and the availability of your staff.

Not sure what to promote? Ask the staff or managers at each specific location for ideas. Make sure that all information about an event is tailored to the local market and includes pictures of that location’s storefront, your staff, and of course relevant images focused on the purpose of the event.

While going through this process, start building a repeatable checklist so that the next time you host an event, it will be easier for you to make sure that all of your bases are covered. This will also make it easier for you to list your event on other sites and create event pages without missing a single detail.


Have a Multi-Channel Event Marketing Strategy

Promoting the event on your local website is a no-brainer. Don’t forget to take advantage of other marketing channels like Eventbrite, Facebook, community boards, and in your store or showroom.

Depending on your budget and demographic, it may be worthwhile exploring other non-digital means of promoting your event. The local paper, fliers, and trade shows can all be great ways to get the word out.


Put Together a Relevant Offer

Offering free water testing when most pool owners are closing their pools for the season may not make sense. But what about a complimentary test soak in one of your hot tubs (which would also make the perfect gift for the holidays)? Maybe you can extend a discounted rate on some of your heaters to anyone who comes to the event. Or a discount on everyday maintenance chemicals?

Make sure that your event brings value to the lives of those who take the time to step through your doors. Create a memorable experience, and you’re increasing the likelihood of even more people attending your future event.


Need Help Promoting Your Next Event?

Pool Marketing Site offers an extensive suite of online marketing solutions that will supercharge your promotional powers online, including our Campaigns in a Box. OUr experienced and knowledgeable team will work with you to create an affordable package of materials that will make sure that your next event is a hit.

Contact us online or give us a call at your convenience at (281) 569-4370 to chat about event marketing and how we can help.

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