With as many as six out of 10 consumers turning to Google to check out reviews on products of interest (ReviewTracker, 2018), there’s no question that having positive – or any – reviews about your products or services is a key component in driving conversions and sales.

The problem? Having customers take the time to leave a review.

One way to encourage customers to leave a review for your pool and spa company is with an incentive, like free product or a discount on a future purchase. But does offering an incentive help your online reputation? Or is it doing more harm than good?

What One Survey Found

Bazaarvoice released the results their survey which explored whether or not incentivized reviews had a positive or negative impact on a consumer’s decision to buy.

The survey found that 58 percent of American online shoppers agreed that incentivized reviews helped inform them of their purchase decision just as much as an organic review. The respondents also generally agreed that this type of review is still useful when it came to making a purchase decision for products without a lot of reviews.

On the other side of the coin, however, are the 42 percent who were less willing to trust incentivized reviews or had a negative reaction towards them.

Best Practices for Requesting and Posting Incentivized Reviews

There are steps you can do to limit the negative reactions you may receive for posting incentivized reviews. Below are just a few suggestions for best practices.

  • Always label incentivized reviews. Request reviewers to post at the end of the review that it is an incentivized review and, if possible, how they were incentivized (i.e. for a contest, sweepstakes, for sampling, etc.)
  • Don’t delete negative reviews. Take the time to respond to them instead.
  • Promote Honesty and Integrity. When asking for incentivized reviews, stress the importance of the reviewers being honest so that their review is helpful to other consumers.
  • Make sure the reviewers have actually used the product or service. Follow up with them and ask them how they felt about it.

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