Facebook Ads for Pool Builders

Facebook Ads are proving to be an optimal tool for marketing your pool business. In today’s digitally-driven society, most potential customers go online to find the best fit for their needs, whether they’re looking for the best reviews, most value or best price. Facebook reported that in 2017, 330 million users initiated conversations with small businesses over the social media network.  

The problem is many pool builders don’t have the tech resources or the know-how to continually engage with their current or potential customers over the Messenger Platform, which can affect your digital marketing strategies.

The new Messenger Broadcast composer is a great tool that allows you the ability to message all or segmented groups of people at once right from your Pages Inbox. This tool is currently free to use (though the company plans to monetize it in the future), and it is currently available to select users in the United States, Mexico and Thailand.

How Can Your Pool Business Benefit from Facebook Messenger Broadcasts?

Even if you have zero coding skills, you can easily use the Messenger Broadcast composer to help you reach your pool and spa clients. To increase your pool marketing reach, Facebook Messenger Broadcast allows you to:

  • Select a group of people who have messaged your pool business to receive the message
  • Write up a title and a body of text
  • Include an image and a call to action to the text

Don’t Let Your Messages Become Spam

A concern a lot of people have about the new Facebook Messenger Broadcasts tool is that it will simply become yet another outlet for spam.  

Pool and spa businesses will need to be careful about how they craft and deliver their messages – and to whom – so that they are seen as a reputable business rather than a nuisance.

And that’s where Pool Marketing Site comes in. Social media platforms, like Facebook Messenger, have become one of the most popular platforms for your pool and spa customers to interact with you online. Our pool marketing experts know what it takes to keep clients and potential clients alike engaged in your business. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your business take advantage of the benefits of Facebook Ads and the Messenger platform.


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