Checklists: How to Choose a Builder/Remodel/Service

Drive more leads. Convert them to sales. Optimize your marketing automation.

Use SharpSpring CRM, a sales and marketing management platform with power automation capabilities, to drive and nurture leads, manage your sales pipeline, log sales activity and close deals.

Ask us about our sales appointment setting, customer service (How did we do?) and lead generation automation marketing packages.

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Let us help you streamline your lead generation, list segmentation, lead nurturing and lead scoring, customer lifecycle marketing, cross-sell and upsell, customer retention, and customer service efforts.

What’s included:

  • Account Creation & User Setup
  • Installation of Website Tracking Codes
  • Replacement of Existing Website Contact Forms to SharpSpring Contact Forms
  • 2 Hour Training Recorded Training Session
  • Appointment Setting Emails for up to 5 Sales People
  • 100,000 Contacts/Leads
  • 25,000 Emails Per Month
  • 250,000 Page Impressions Per Month

With SharpSpring CRM, you can:

  • Generate More Leads. Identify web visitors and capture them with forms
  • Increase Lead qualification. Nurture leads with personalized content
  • Drive More Sales. Identify sales-ready leads and follow-up faster
  • Improve Up-Selling and Cross-Selling. Develop and retain existing customers
  • Track Every Marketing Tactic. Follow the entire sales process from beginning-to-close

We can also create additional email automation workflows, such as:

  • Marketing Automation Campaigns. Send your prospects regular marketing emails automatically.
  • eBook/Checklist Lead Generation Campaigns. Generate leads when people visit your website, sign up and download your own custom branded checklists (How to Choose a Pool Builder, etc.).

Our SharpSpring CRM will integrate all of your data into one location, allowing you to spend more time focusing on selling rather than data management. You can easily integrate a SharpSpring CRM into any of our website packages to help you generate and nurture more high-quality leads.

Plus, SharpSpring CRM reports will provide you with all of the information you need to measure your current sales success and accurately forecast future performance.

  • Be More Productive. Easily visualize and manage your pipeline in an intuitive interface.
  • Get More Sales. Customize deal stages, fields, filters and more to manage your unique sales process
  • Customize Your Sales Pipeline. Drag and drop opportunities to tailor the pipeline to your exact needs.
  • Get Mobile. Access your contacts, leads and opportunities on your favorite mobile device. View your pipeline from anywhere.
  • Easy to Read Analytics. Get conversion reports, pipeline reports, activity reports, follow-up reports, and projection/performance reports. Easily evaluate the performance of a specific salesperson or your team.
  • Real-Time Lead Notification. Notify salespeople to act at just the right time.
  • Get Daily Lead Activity. Receive a list of the day’s hottest leads right to your inbox and act at just the right time to convert to sales.
  • Convert More Leads to Sales. Turn your visitors into buying customers.

Our SharpSpring CRM works best for any pool construction, service and retail company owners needing to automate their marketing and sales process.

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