Consulting Services

Traditional and digital marketing solutions for companies are not one size fits all. No two companies are alike, as each business has its own set of successes and challenges that makes it unique.

We offer one-time consulting services, as well as continual monthly and quarterly consulting services designed to help build your company’s infrastructure with the technology, tools and branding messaging needed to help reach your target audience while converting them into sales.

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With an extensive background in creating strategy, project management, persona development, email marketing, web development, content creation and operations, Pool Marketing Site consultants are frontline resources that help inform your strategy and web presence.

With our Consulting Services, you can expect to:

  • Identify new opportunities to engage with existing and new clients
  • Evaluate existing marketing materials, social media and advertising, determining how successfully these target customers and generate sales
  • Shape company branding, the identity of a company and how well it resonates with the desired demographic (Is it professional? unique? recognizable?)
  • Manage the brand if something happens to damage a company’s reputation
  • Maximize lifetime customer value by getting former customers to return more often, perhaps with new product or service opportunities
  • Improve client engagement through social media, creating innovative campaigns on various media that are integrated for optimal success and managing interactions with customers
  • Coordinate content platforms such as website, blog and landing pages
  • Write content mindful of Search Engine Optimization keywords to generate organic search engine rankings
  • Manage email and social media marketing campaigns, online advertising, mobile and local marketing
  • Track and review analytics and conversions to benchmark success and achieve optimal results
  • Outside perspective. A consultant can come in and see things clearly without being affected by the issues that weigh you down.
  • Specialized skill set. Our skills come from spending years in the pool and spa marketing industry. When you work with us, you can quickly target a specific area without wasting time, money or resources.
  • Short-term commitment. You can use our services for a period of time — perhaps to help with a seasonal campaign — and then cut ties without any questions. This saves money and prevents over-hiring.
  • Saves time. Hiring a consultant is quick and easy. This allows you to spend less time focusing on logistics and more time taking action.
  • Evades office politics. A marketing consultant doesn’t have to worry about office politics and can get to work with minimal interference.
  • Increases accountability. We’ll establish meetings, set goals and provide objectives that have to be satisfied by certain checkpoints.

Our Consulting Services are a perfect option for the busy pool construction, service or retail company owner who:

  • Needs a comprehensive strategy to their build their business
  • Doesn’t have the in-house expertise or resources
  • Needs a higher-level marketing strategist, without the full investment in a full time employee
  • None