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Not sure what to do now that stores are recommended or even mandated to close due to COVID-19? Well, don’t worry. We gotcha’ covered!

Since store shopping is becoming a risk customers don’t want to take, they will start to seek a convenient way to shop online. That’s where we come in! We can help position you for success with your own Water Care eCommerce Store.

(If you are a Sigura dealer, we can have your Water Care eCommerce Store up and running in record time! Visit www.cleanpoolsandspas.com to get started!)

In a nutshell, this is how it works:

Our pool and spa Water Care eCommerce Store links directly from the home page of your website with a “SHOP NOW” button. Your customers can order online and choose to:

1. Pick up their supplies at one of your store locations; or

2. If located in a zip code that affords your staff convenient delivery, your customers can choose to have your service truck deliver to their door.

The checkout process allows you to discount products, and/or give your customers coupons redeemable for future purchases, just as you would at your in-store event!

(Special note: If your P.O.S. system has an open API, we can link directly from your store to your P.O.S. system).

Don’t worry! We won’t leave you high and dry after the launch! Our Water Care eCommerce Store comes equipped with a marketing tool kit to help you announce your store launch to your EXISTING customer base.

It includes:

· Your mobile-friendly eCommerce store loaded with the water care products you sell at your designated price point.

  • A “SHOP NOW” button to link your eCommerce store to your existing website.
  • A Website Banner Graphic featured on your home page and link to your storefront.
  • A customizable Postcard Invitation to mail to your existing customers.
  • A customizable Facebook post – a Facebook graphic event announcement, used to boost your post to your current fan base.
  • A customizable eBlast announcement that can be uploaded to your current CRM or email provider.
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