Facebook Cover Branding

Facebook Covers are a great way to generate interest in promotions, seasonal products, or services – all while keeping your brand imaging consistent. Our Facebook Cover Branding Services helps you promote your business and your services.

Your cover branding is the first thing that facebook visitors see when they go to your page. And it’s important that you make a great first impression. This could mean the difference between a visitor leaving your page immediately or staying on it to learn more about your company.

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How Can Facebook Cover Branding Benefit Your Business?
  • Shows Credibility
  • Creates an Engaging Experience
  • Inspires a Purchase
  • Expresses Your Personality
What Type of Facebook Cover Branding Do We Offer?
  • Facebook Video Cover Photo: With auto-play, you are able to capture a visitor’s attention right away
  • Facebook Photo Cover: Great for featuring a new product or project
  • Facebook Slideshow Cover: This can be a useful way to promote several services or products
Who Can Benefit?
  • The on-the-go business owner who doesn’t have time to create custom content
  • Businesses that need help with communicating their message
Minimum Requirements
  • Business Facebook Page