Facebook Messenger Automation

Pool and spa professionals are you looking for a convenient way to follow-up with customers on Facebook Messenger? Now you can with Facebook Messenger Automation.

We can automate your marketing with Chatbots & Facebook Messenger Bots by creating some powerful strategies that grow your business. We build interactive voice and text-based conversational interfaces that empower customers to engage with your business.

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How Can Facebook Messenger Automation Benefit Your Business?
  • 24/7 Customer Follow-Up
  • Provides Better Customer Service
  • Encourages Engagement
  • Generates More Website Traffic
  • Drives More Foot Traffic to Stores
  • Increases Lead Generation
How Does It Work?

Chatbots are programmed to understand questions that are asked and they are able to provide the answers. They are customized based on the links you click as a user progresses through the message flow. We’ll work with you to develop all of the possible questions a customer might ask and how they might ask them. Then we’ll create a variety of answers and interactions and test how they work.

What’s Included With Facebook Messenger Automation?
  • Facebook Business Page Set-up (if you don’t have one)
  • Program and Develop Interactive Experiences That Fit Your Objectives
  • Question Development
  • Messenger Website Integration
  • Recurring Messages Set-up
  • Set-up the Call-to-Action Button on Your Facebook Page
Who Can Benefit?
  • Pool and spa builders who want to increase leads
  • Retail providers who want to drive traffic their stores
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