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Tell your brand’s story with Motion Graphic Profile Videos by enhancing customer interaction and engagement in less time than other marketing tools. Deliver your message in a simple and straightforward manner via video by combining interesting content about your company, eye-catching imagery of your projects and services, and compelling music. Set your company apart from the competition with a simple, fast and compelling Motion Graphic Profile Video.

Product Info

A Motion Graphic Profile Video is an introductory overview video of your company. These :35 to :45 videos are created using valuable information about your company in a simple, fast and compelling manner to catch a visitor’s attention and convert them into a promising lead.

Your Motion Graphic Profile Video includes:

  • Professional Narrative
  • Scriptwriting
  • Royalty Free Music
  • Moving Images of Your Project Photos
  • One Round of Revisions
  • Delivered in Web-Friendly Format

A Motion Graphic Profile Video is a great fit for:

  • Website
  • Social Channels
  • Paid Ads
  • Inexpensive Alternative. Our Motion Graphic Profile Videos are an inexpensive alternative to on-location filming with the same added benefits.
  • Showcase on Your Homepage. Put your custom Motion Graphic Profile Video on display on your homepage to drive traffic, increase engagement and boost conversions.
  • Share on Social Media. Share your new profile video across your social media accounts to further strengthen your brand identity.
  • Organic search engine optimization. Obtain a higher ranking on search engine results organically without the use of paid advertising and social media.

Our Motion Graphic Profile Videos are the perfect option for any industry professional looking to build brand awareness, specifically:

  • Pool builders who want to increase leads
  • Retail providers who want to drive traffic to their stores
  • Upload 10 to 12 of your best project photos
  • Images must be at least 1200×800 in size
  • Horizontal images work best
  • Provide a high resolution file of your company logo
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