$89.00 / month



Keep Your WordPress Website Updated

  • Adding calls to action on each page
  • Adding news and blog posts
  • Adding contact forms
  • Redirecting web pages
  • Creating images and animations
  • Updating and cross-linking your social media
  • Updating WordPress plugins for website security and functionality
  • Updating and creating new website content
  • Refreshing images throughout the site
  • Updating ecommerce content including pricing, policies, events, promotions, and more

Rapid Response

Online Ticket System

Easy submission of requests via direct email to our support team! Your email generates a traceable ticket and enters into a queue for rapid completion.

Why Security Patches Are so Important

  • In the past two years, Web malware has grown 140%
  • Hacked sited can lead to identify theft, DDoS attacks, spam distribution, etc.
  • Without it you risk revenue and customer loss
  • Patches prevent malware infections including: backdoors, drive-by downloads, pharma hacks, and malicious redirects WordPress popularity. If a hacker can find a way into one WordPress website, they can potentially access millions of other websites as well.