We’ve all witnessed it. The brand reputations which crash after taking a cultural stance, while others  rise above and conquer all. Nike is the most recent mega brand to take the risk of having an opinion about an issue, having featured the now out-of-contract Colin Kaepernick in one of its most recent ads. Although a lot of Nike Air Max trainers were destroyed as a result, the brand enjoyed a 31% increase in online sales, got a lot of attention, and started a lot of poignant conversations across the globe.

Splendid Communications recently completed their “Brands’ Permission to Speak” report, which dove into the effects that brands having a point of view had on culture and society, on connections with audiences, and how their customers felt about that brand after they shared their opinion. Here are some of the key highlights from the report based on the responses of over 1,000 social media users.


Do Customers Care About What Brands Think?

According to the study, a mere one-third of people who regularly use social media follow brands and only 8% are interested in posts about their products.

Here’s where it gets interesting: 51% of those respondents between 18 to 34 years old thought that brands should have a point of view on cultural issues, and nearly half (49%) thought it was important for brands to take a public stance on social causes.

As it turns out, the social cause you support can have an impact on how well received a social stance is. The region that the respondents lived in also resulted in different responses as to what is and what is not acceptable for brands to have a point of view on.


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