Google My Business is well known for quietly introducing new products and features, and these three updates for fall 2018 are no different. From drawing visitors to your website to booking appointments through Google search, here’s what you need to know about the latest Google My Business roll-outs this season.


  • Send Traffic to Your Website Through the “Products and Services” Link

To some this may not seem new since the earliest versions of the “Products and Services” link began to pop up back in 2015. This link became even more apparent back in April 2018 with Google encouraging business owners to also submit the cost for their services to the Google My Business platform.

Fast forward to October 2018 and almost everyone will be able to see the “Products and Services” option in the Google Knowledge Panel results. This is a great feature since it draws traffic away from Google My Business and funnels visitors directly to your company website.

TIP: The “Products and Services” page you link to should closely resemble the “Services” you’ve described in Google My Business. This not only ensures consistency, but there’s a good chance that Google will be comparing the content in your Google My Business with the offerings you describe in your URL.


  • Create a More Transparent Storefront with “Product Collections”

Hop onto your Google My Business dashboard and you may find a “Products Collections” option in the Products (Beta) tab. Here you can group together certain images into different collections (i.e. “Holiday Outdoor Living Collection,” “Fall Pool Designs,” “Top Pool Products of 2018,” etc.) which will go a long way in inspiring the outdoor living dreams and visions of potential clients.

There are two things to keep in mind when exploring this feature: a) Collections are only visible on mobile phones; and b) Images cannot be linked back to product pages. This makes it all the more important that your website contains a detailed “Product and Services” page and that the URL to that page is regularly updated with Google My Business.


  • Book Showroom Visits and Free Consultations Through “Reserve with Google”

Being able to book appointments through Google isn’t an entirely new feature, but it does look as if it has been made more widely available to businesses. This opens up a lot of opportunities for pool, spa and outdoor living businesses to easily connect with potential clients since it takes away the extra steps of a visitor needing to find the pool company website and locating your contact information.


Get the Attention You Deserve with Google My Business

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