There’s no question that online reviews can have a major impact on your pool and spa business. Bright Local found that 85% of consumers trust reviews on the Internet just as much as personal recommendations and that positive reviews make 73% of consumers trust local businesses more.

That same survey also happened to find out just about when the impact of an online review started to depreciate in value.

How Old is “Too Old” for Online Reviews?

It makes sense that the more recent the review, the more relevant it will be to consumers. So when do reviews become less effective?

The survey found that over three-quarters (77%) of consumers feel that online reviews posted over three months ago are no longer relevant.

All You Need to Do Is Ask

As a pool and spa business, it’s likely that you’ve already established lasting quality relationships with a lot of your clients. From working closely on pool designs and outdoor living spaces to regularly selling products to pool and spa owners in your community, your clients are likely to happily drop you a positive review online if you ask.

Be sure to consider the following three things when you ask:

  • Explain the importance of online reviews to your customers
  • Ask in person when they step into your showroom or after a pool project is complete
  • Include the request on marketing materials (such as pamphlets, business cards, your website, etc.)

When someone leaves a review – whether it be positive, negative, or somewhere in between – be sure to leave a courteous and thoughtful response every time to make each review count the most.

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