It’s no secret that SEO is a key component to any online marketing strategy. No other tool in existence will help you create a more user-friendly website while driving your web page ranking in Google and bringing happy, eager pool and spa lovers to your showroom.

The recent State of SEO survey, conducted by Zazzle Media in the UK, shows that more marketers than ever are taking SEO seriously and that they are trying to incorporate SEO into their marketing plans.

More than 30,000 marketers in the UK were approached, with 88% of them saying that SEO was an important part of their marketing plans. Sixty percent of those respondents even said that it was an “extremely important factor” when it came to the success of their campaigns.

This makes sense, since over three-quarters said SEO has increased their leads (77%) and improved brand awareness (79%), and another 48% said that SEO was responsible for reducing their customer acquisition costs.


Why SEO Is Still a Challenge for Online Marketing

Despite acknowledging the importance of SEO, a lot of marketers simply can’t take advantage of it nearly as much as they would like. The main reason being cost. One-third of respondents said that they just didn’t have the budget to take full advantage of SEO.  

Another glaring issue was that businesses thought they knew a lot about SEO, with 71% of respondents saying that their organization’s SEO knowledge was in the “expert level” range. However, as the survey found, a lot of marketing teams had nowhere near that level of knowledge or expertise.


Find Fast and Affordable SEO Help with Pool Marketing Site

Keeping up with the constant changes in the pool and spa industry is difficult enough as it is. As a business owner, trying to simultaneously stay on top of the ever evolving online marketing landscape can be overwhelming, frustrating, or seemingly impossible.

This is how Pool Marketing Site, a division of Small Screen Producer, got started. Our years of experience in managing digital media marketing campaigns for pool and spa business owners made us realize the unique issues faced by companies in this industry, and then tackle these challenges head on through creative and effective marketing methods like SEO.

Curious how your website’s local SEO stacks up? Click here to get your free local SEO report card, and give us a call so we can discuss those results and answer any questions you might have about your online marketing at (281) 569-4370!

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