Last week we saw October come to a close, which makes this a great time to sum up all of the many changes across Facebook last month. These are the most exciting highlights we noted for pool and spa companies:


  • Facebook Reaches 2.3 Billion Monthly Users

There are 1.5 billion users from around the globe accessing the network, and 2.6 billion people are either using Facebook, Messenger, Instagram or WhatsApp every month. No wonder Facebook’s revenue grew by 33% year over year!


  • Facebook Introduces Attribution

Attribution uncovers the path visitors take when engaging with content across multiple marketing channels (this includes channels outside of Facebook). From registrations and newsletter sign-ups to lead conversions and sales, this free measurement tool strives to give you a full view of how your digital advertising efforts are doing.


  • More Choices for Video Advertisements

Facebook certainly seems committed to providing advertisers with greater control and flexibility over their ad placements – especially when it comes to video ads.

Advertisers can now deliver video ad campaigns in a number of ways, including:

* In-Stream Reserve: These ad placements are purchased in advance and run on the highest quality and most engaging videos on the network. Facebook draws up-to-date info from Nielsen to verify which audiences should be targeted with the ads.

* In-Stream Reserve Categories: Here you can choose content packages in categories of your choosing (like pool and spa design, landscaping and gardening, etc.).

* ThruPlay: With ThruPlay, advertisers only pay for ads that are watched either for a minimum of 15 seconds or until completion. This is available for all video placements on Facebook, as well as Audience Network and Instagram.


  • Low Quality Ads Restricted from Network

Last month Facebook expanded its restrictions on what they call “low-quality” and “disruptive” ads. This means that advertisements with poor attributes – including poorly shot images and video – won’t be distributed as widely as before (if at all).


How Well Are Your Facebook Videos Performing?

It’s no secret that video is one of the most effective ways to stop audiences mid-scroll and get their attention. Pool Marketing Site specializes in producing in-house high quality videos for pool and spa companies that are designed to educate and engage consumers, boost brand trust, and drive sales.

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