It wasn’t all too long ago when Google launched its mobile-first indexing which automatically adjusts a website’s ranking based on how accessible it is to mobile users. But this isn’t the only reason why pool companies should be focused more on mobile marketing and storytelling.

A whopping 95% of mobile Internet users (just to give you an idea, there were nearly 240 million mobile Internet users in the United States in 2017) used their device to look up local information on their phones to make a call or visit a physical store. Here’s another important fact: Mobile devices make up 19% of all retail e-commerce sales in our country, with this figure expected to reach 27% by the end of this year (Invesp, 2017).


The Importance of Storytelling in Mobile Marketing

You have mere seconds to connect with your audience. When well told, a story will connect you with your readers, communicate your intentions, educate your audience and ultimately engage your viewership.

It’s already clear that Google holds mobile-friendly websites in far higher regard than those that aren’t optimized for smart devices. Also consider the fact that the majority of people are also accessing highly visual social media platforms like Facebook from their mobile devices.


How to Tell a Story in a Mobile Digital World

With so little time and such a small screen, how can you tell a story in this fast-paced mobile digital world?


  • Make Every Word Count

Having less space and fewer words to work with means that what you say has to be more valuable than ever.

First thing to consider? Readability. No matter how profound your words may be, they need to be in a clear font (use only a maximum of three different fonts per page) and the text must be large enough to be read in a glance. If users need to zoom in and pinch to read your story, you’ve already lost their attention.


Short sentences work best, and so does text that can be easily scrolled through using only one finger. Spend a lot of time creating an engaging headline (like posing a question, building a sense of urgency, and sharing the value your audience will get from the content), and make the content as interactive as possible.


  • Show the Story Through Visuals

Conveying stories visually rather than through words works well for pool and spa businesses simply because the beauty of an immaculate poolscape cannot be stated nearly as well with text than with gorgeous, high quality images.

Share before and after shots of outdoor living projects, promote products, highlight pool features, and show examples of problems/solutions through pictures. Apart from video, there’s no better way to stop mobile users mid-scroll.


  • Video Is a Core Component of Mobile Marketing

We’ve shared before just how effective video is when it comes to educating audiences, converting prospects and turning leads into loyal, long-lasting customers. Here are some ideas on how you can use video to increase user engagement and also give your site a healthy boost in the search engine result pages:


  • Embed videos at the top of sales pages so you can make a quick offer without forcing audiences to read copy
  • Use video to summarize long-form content on your website
  • Put an explainer video (30-60 seconds long) on your homepage that tells audiences who you are and what you’re all about
  • Show off completed pool projects
  • Use video testimonials for social proof


Produce High Quality Video at 1/3 of the Price!

For more ideas on how video, visuals, and other forms of content can expand your reach both within your community and around the globe, give the digital media marketing experts at Pool Marketing Site a call at (281) 569-4370!

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