3 Best Pool & Spa Company Calls To Action for Lead Generation

3 Best Pool & Spa Company Calls To Action for Lead Generation

The call-to-action (CTA) you incorporate into your written content, landing pages, web pages and beyond is a powerful lead generation workhorse for your pool and spa company. It’s the motivator and often the determining factor as to whether or not someone turns into a customer or remains a passive visitor.

The problem is uncovering that golden CTA that will compel your web visitors to take action.

The answer to that question lies in testing, analyzing and testing again. But we have a few tips and ideas that you can use to help piece together CTAs that will get results for your pool and spa company. Below are the top 3 best CTAs used by the highest earning pool and spa companies according to Collective INDB.


1. “Talk to a Pool Designer”

This works well because it’s direct and easy to understand.

However, there are two things missing that should be included in every CTA:

  • Power words (i.e. today, right now, free)
  • Time sensitivity (i.e. don’t miss out, running out, limited)

Power words are persuasive and they create an emotional response in an audience. These influential words and phrases are real conversion boosters and can be the difference between someone choosing your company for their new pool build and someone backing out and checking out a competitor’s website.

It’s also important that your CTA creates a sense of urgency so that your audience doesn’t put off taking action. The longer it takes for your audience to act, the less likely they are to convert.


2. “Start Designing Now!”

This one checks off the boxes which the above CTA missed. It’s both time sensitive, and it uses a power word.

What it lacks is any “visualization” cues. It doesn’t exactly paint a picture of what it designing a backyard pool and spa looks like with your company, so it’s important to have content that explains the process.


3. “Build Your Dream Pool Today”

This CTA was the highest ranking CTA for pool and spa companies according to Collective INDB’s research. Not only does it rank highly for readability, but it includes action works, power words, and it encourages your audience to picture what building their perfect outdoor oasis will look like.

Pool Marketing Site’s MyStaycation Builder gives your audience the ultimate opportunity to build the backyard of their dreams. Visitors can design gorgeous backyards through easy-to-use drag and drop technology, save their projects, and send project ideas along to your pool sales team.


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