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Sell Your Pool & Spa Products Online to Grow Your Business

If you’re looking to broaden your pool and spa business beyond your brick and mortar store and sell your products online, you’ve come to the right place. Our eCommerce package gives your customers the freedom to shop your products any time while allowing you to generate sales without extending store hours. With subscription services and marketing automation, you can grow your revenue opportunities 24/7 while saving time and labor.

NEW! Integrate with RB Control Point of Sale to sync your inventory, pricing, sales, and payments!

Sell Your Pool & Spa Products Online to Grow Your Business

Monthly Price
Breakdown Total



12 month term

$399 Setup + $708 Annual



12 month term

$699 Setup + $1908 Annual



12 month term

$899 Setup + $2268 Annual


When you need just the basics
When you need a little
more flexibility
Advanced features for scaling
your ecommerce

Online Store Includes ecommerce

Hosting & Maintenance Includes hosting and regular maintenance to keep your site running smooth

Free SSL certificate Inspires trust with a Secure Connection

Discount Codes Offer discounts and coupons

Automated Sales Tax Automatically collect tax at time of purchase

Schedule Sale Pricing Schedule your products to go on sale

Curbside Pickup

Advanced Reporting

Inventory Stock Management

Additional Products We can always add more products*

20 additional incl.
Ask us about adding more

20 additional incl.
Ask us about adding more

Add your own products Add your own or additional products

Payment Options

Paypal paypal account required

Stripe stripe account required

Payment on Delivery/Pickup account required


Intuit Payments


Quickbooks Sync


Other We can connect to many others, just ask!


Advanced Shipping Features

Multiple Locations

Curbside Pickup Scheduling

Advanced eCommerce Marketing

Subscription and Notification Triggers

Abandoned Cart Recovery

Cross Selling for 1st time customers

Win Back Inactive Customers

Reviewer Rewards

Credit Card Expiration Notifications

Personalized Coupons

Track Email Opens, Clicks, Conversions

Loyalty VIP programs


Integrate with R B Controls Point of Sale
Sync your inventory, pricing, sales, and payments

Seamlessly Connect Your eCommerce Site with RB Control Pool & Spa Software to Save Time & Labor

Managing multiple platforms can feel like a frustrating waste of time and resources. Our eCommerce sites can help your business eliminate unnecessary steps by integrating your RB Control Pool & Spa Software system with your eCommerce catalog. Automatically sync your inventory, pricing, sales, and payments in one unified, automated process. You’ll save time and labor by not entering the same information in two places – just update one system and the other will be updated automatically!

RB Control Integration is only available with your Pool Marketing Site eCommerce package.

Our RB Pool & Spa Software eCommerce Integration System enables you to easily and automatically:

  • Sync Products Between Our eCommerce Site & Your RB Cont POS Systems
  • Sync Inventory Counts with Automatic Online Inventory Status Updates
  • Sync Regular and Sale Pricing
  • Sync eCommerce Sales Directly to RB
  • Sync Customer Information Directly to RB for Full Customer History
  • Remove Duplicate Entry for Seamless Communication Between Systems
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