Location-based marketing is incredibly effective in targeting local customers, and not just on their phones. Pool Marketing Site offers Geo-Targeting Location-Based Marketing Services that will attract potential customers in several different ways, expanding your company’s reach and visibility.

With Geo-Targeting, you’re not swinging blindly — you can send targeted content to potential customers in a specific location.

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How Can Geo-Targeting Benefit Your Business?
  • Maximize Spending with Precise Targeting
  • More efficient targeting means a higher ROI
  • Reach new areas
  • Detailed reporting means consistently better results
How Does It Work?

Geo-targeting delivers messages to potential customers based on their geographic location. This can be done by city or zip code and is delivered through their IP address or device ID.

Who Can Benefit?

Geo-targeting is essential for any pool construction, service, hot tub, or retail company that wants to reach more potential customers in a specific geographic area.

Minimum Requirements
  • Google AdWords account
  • Facebook Business Ad account
  • Website
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