Keep Up With Changing Consumer Buying Habits &
Move Your Pool Supply Store Online

Consumer buying habits are rapidly changing, and it’s time for you to adapt to the Water Care eCommerce site. When you move your pool supply store online with the Water Care eCommerce site, you’re giving your business more opportunities to sell your products and grow your business. Not only will the Water Care eCommerce site provide you with a steady source of income, but it will allow you the ability to scale your inventory up or down quickly, keeping up with consumer demand.

One thing COVID-19 has done is change consumer buying behavior. Online shopping and buying habits are becoming permanent, and retailers need to move to an eCommerce platform to remain competitive. Get ahead of the curve and adjust to the new normal with the Water Care eCommerce site.

How Can the Water Care eCommerce Site Help Your Business?

  • Customers can shop 24/7
    without expanding store hours
  • Open up a new source of revenue for your business
  • Increase visibility through search engines so you can gain new customers
  • Upsell and cross-sell your products
  • Quickly scale inventory up or down
  • Build customer trust and loyalty

How Does It Work?

The Water Care eCommerce store links directly from the home page of your website with a “SHOP NOW” button.

Your customers can order online and choose to:


Pick up their supplies curbside at one of your store locations



If located in a zip code that affords your staff convenient delivery, your customers can choose to have your service truck deliver to their door.

The checkout process allows you to discount products, and/or give your customers coupons redeemable for future purchases.
(Special note: If your P.O.S. system has an open API, we can link directly from your store to your P.O.S. system).

Once Your Site is Launched

The Water Care eCommerce store comes with a marketing toolkit to help you announce your store launch to your customer base.

It includes:
• Your mobile-friendly eCommerce store loaded with the water care products you sell at your designated price point.
• A “SHOP NOW” button to link your eCommerce store to your existing website.
• A Website Banner Graphic featured on your home page and link to your storefront.
• A customizable Postcard Invitation to mail to your existing customers.
• A customizable Facebook post – a Facebook graphic event announcement, used to boost your post to your current fan base.
• A customizable eBlast announcement that can be uploaded to your current CRM or email provider.

Online Shopping is Here to Stay!

Sign up now and offer your customers the convenience they’ve come to expect.

There’s never been a better time to get ahead of COVID-19 and go eCommerce! Contact the experts at Pool Marketing Site to improve your cash flow and get your Water Care eCommerce store up and running today.

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