Knowing What Voice to Use

Knowing What Voice to Use

There seems to be a lack of knowledge on the business front in social media messaging protocol. Some organizations either update their profiles once every two months, or are like street vendors yelling in your face on the hour, every hour. Neither are models to follow. To use LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter in a professional manner, you should think of these networks as the different venues they are.

1. LinkedIn: The Professional Voice

When you spend time on LinkedIn, try to use a professional voice, as though you were in a business meeting. You want to say a few key points and provide your own commentary to trending topics, but don’t “yammer.”  You’ll come across as overbearing and loud (yes, people can be “loud” online).

2. Facebook: The Friendly Voice

When you’re on Facebook, you can meet with your followers in a family-friendly, comfortable arena. Facebookers love Facebook! You’ll be able to measure the amount or quality of response to your posts pretty quickly on Facebook, so don’t be afraid to try a few things. Get funny, get friendly, and share photos, videos and links. Just make sure that you’re not the one doing all the talking; respond to your followers’ questions when they post on your wall.

3. Twitter: Tweet it up!

Those who tweet for fun, and not just for business, know that anything goes in the land of the tweeps. Your voice on Twitter can be just as fun as a group luncheon. Be funny, be creative, be chatty. Tweet, re-tweet, tag and reply to your followers and heroes. They’ll appreciate your involvement!

To make these social networking sites work for you and not against your organization, you need to stay focused and be continuously thinking about whether the content you share is brand-oriented or frivolous. For some extra help, Maria Elena Duron wrote an excellent article, “Being Consistent In Your Brand Doesn’t Mean Be Annoying,” defining what brand consistency looks like in social media.

Try something else that works for you? Let us know! We love hearing social media success stories.


“Being Consistent In Your Brand Doesn’t Mean Be Annoying “ by Maria Elena Duron  July 26, 2010 from:

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