“Build-Your-Own Inground Pool” Wishlist

“Build-Your-Own Inground Pool” Wishlist is an easy-to-use website tool that simplifies your sales process by enabling users to research and select their perfect inground pool from the comfort of home.

Visitors can select their ideal budget, pool shape, the primary use for their pool, depth, water features, purchase timeframe and can request buyer’s guides and other resources to create their perfect inground pool. The tool then sends their lead information and preferences directly to your sales team giving you a pre-qualified, ready-to-buy lead.

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  • Streamline & simplify the sales process
  • Easily qualify and convert your website visitors
  • Capture and funnel leads more efficiently
  • Automatically send sales quotes
  • Water care auto-subscriptions option for customers
How it works
  • The “Build-Your-Own Inground Pool” Sales Tool is customized to reflect your swimming pool options and embedded onto your website where visitors can easily find it
  • Visitors can choose from different budgets, shapes, sizes, features, and accessories to create their perfect inground swimming pool
  • Once they’re finished, your sales team receives the customer’s wish list so they can provide an accurate quote
  • You automatically collect pre-qualified, ready-to-buy leads and your customers get an easy and fun way to select the right inground pool for their needs
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