Hot Tub Model Compare & Select Tool

Our Hot Tub Model Compare & Select Tool is the BEST way for your customers to browse your hot tub selection online.

Your shoppers can easily sort and filter your hot tubs by spa type, spa style, therapy needs, seat capacity and more to find the perfect spa for their needs. Users can compare hot tub features and choose factory or dealer-installed options, as well as their preferred cabinet and shell colors. All of this information, along with the user’s contact information, is automatically passed off to your sales team for you to send a quote and close the deal.

Make it easy for customers to shop for your hot tubs and swim spas while you collect ready-to-buy leads with our Hot Tub Compare & Select Tool!

  • Streamline & simplify the sales process
  • Easily qualify and convert your website visitors
  • Capture and funnel leads more efficiently
  • Automatically send sales quotes
  • Provide customer convenience
How Does It Work?
  • Hot Tub Model Compare & Select Tool is customized to reflect your hot tub options and embedded onto your website where visitors can easily find it
  • Visitors choose their preferred hot tub style, therapy needs, and other features to select their perfect hot tub
  • Once they’re finished, your sales team receives the customer’s information so they can provide an accurate quote
  • You automatically collect pre-qualified, ready-to-buy leads and your customers get an easy way to select the perfect hot tub for their needs
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