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Video will communicate your brand’s messaging and evoke emotions in a way that static text and images cannot.

When it comes to website design, having videos is one of the most effective ways to attract visitors. Our professional Website Homepage Video Banner bring a whole new experience to your website. They reinforce your brand identity while telling a story, complementing other elements found on your website’s home page. This dynamic website add-on captivates visitors at first glance and instantly distinguishes your website as a leader in the industry.

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Website Homepage Video Banners are decorative elements, like header images, but with motion. They play automatically, loop by default and don’t have sound. Website Homepage Video Banners bring a whole new experience to a website. We create :25 videos for headers using your best project photos in motion that integrate beautifully with websites.

Your Website Homepage Video Banners will include:

  • Moving images of your photos
  • One round of revisions
  • Uploaded to your company’s YouTube channel
  • Get their Attention: Captivate your visitors at first glance.
  • Stand Out. Distinguish your website from the competition instantly.
  • Be Authentic: Convey emotion and communicate messages directly to your audience.

Our Website Homepage Video Banner works best for any pool construction, service and retail company owners needing a professional and engaging video presence, specifically:

  • Pool Builders looking to show off their award-winning designs
  • Industry professional needing to build a stronger brand affiliation and connection
  • Industry professional needing to increase time spent on website
  • Upload 5 to 6 of your best photos
  • Horizontal images work best
  • Images must be at least 2,400 X 1,600 pixels
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