RB Pool & Spa Software eCommerce Integration
Seamlessly Connect Your eCommerce Site with RB Pool & Spa Software to Save Time & Labor

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Streamline & Automate Your Operations

Managing your products, inventory, pricing, and sales orders on multiple platforms can feel like a frustrating waste of time and resources. With our RB Pool & Spa Software eCommerce Integration, we can help your business eliminate dozens of unnecessary steps by integrating your RB Control Pool & Spa Software system with your eCommerce catalog. Now, you can automatically sync data in one unified, automated process. You’ll save time and labor by not entering the same information in two places – just update one system and the other will be updated automatically!

Streamline & Automate Your Operations

Our RB Pool & Spa Software eCommerce Integration System enables you to easily and automatically:

  • Sync Products Between Your eCommerce & POS Systems
  • Sync Inventory Counts with Automatic Online Inventory Status Updates
  • Sync Regular and Sale Pricing
  • Sync eCommerce Sales Directly to RB
  • Sync Customer Information Directly to RB for Full Customer History
  • Remove Duplicate Entry for Seamless Communication Between Systems

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