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Promotional Text Messaging

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Promotional Text Messaging for Pool & Spa Companies

Our promotional ad campaign text program is a fast way to send mass texts to the right people at the right time. Strengthen and improve relationships with customers by sending special promotions, service reminders, or current events. Easily integrate text messaging with your existing platforms such as live web chat and Facebook Messenger.

Automated reminder text messaging is also available on customized workflows.

Text Messaging

How Will Promotional Text Messaging
Benefit Your Business?

Send mass text messages to many contacts at once

Scale without adding overhead by quickly texting many contacts at once and engaging your customers through their preferred communication method, and manage your responses all in one place.

Integrate text messaging with your existing platforms

Easily integrate your text messages, web chat, Facebook Messenger, and existing scheduling platform and your communications all in one place.

Text high-quality content to all your leads & customers

  • Send images or videos to promote your business
  • Add links to drive traffic to your website and social media
  • Reach more of your prospective customers with your content

Keep in touch with your customers individually

Easily switch from mass messaging to one-to-one personal chats with your customers.

Personalized text message templates

Use personalized text message templates to send mass text messages for any promotion, event, or special occasion.


Send images, attachments, links and more

Engage your leads and customers with media-rich photos or PDF attachments.

Send text message requests for surveys and reviews to boost your reputation

Bring in more online reviews and gain insight about your customers’ experience with review and survey requests

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