Ten Fiberglass Pool Myths Debunked

As expected, a lot has changed since fiberglass pools were first introduced to homeowners, and the likelihood is how a potential pool buyer remembers a fiberglass pool from even as short as a decade ago is probably different than what’s available today.

Since so many advancements have been made in the fiberglass pool category, there are a lot of myths and misinformation currently going around that can confuse pool buyers. In this eBook, we debunk the top 10 myths about fiberglass pools, as well as share a few insights on the advantages of owning a fiberglass pool and why it may be the perfect choice for your customers’ backyard.

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Product Info
  • Length: 9 pages
  • Customizable: Your Logo and Contact Information
  • Landing Page and Lead Nurturing Email Program: Included in the Consumer Resource Subscription Plan
  • Table of Contents
    • Myth #1: The Pool Will Pop Up and Out of the Ground
    • Myth #2: Fiberglass Pools Are Made Only for Warmer Climates
    • Myth #3: Fiberglass Pools Are Ugly
    • Myth #4: Fiberglass Pools Are Too Expensive
    • Myth #5: Pool Manufacturers Don’t Matter
    • Myth #6: A Fiberglass Pool Can’t Be Used With a Salt Generator
    • Myth #7: Fiberglass Pools are Bad for the Environment
    • Myth #8: They’re Hard to Maintain
    • Myth #9: You Can’t Install Fiberglass Pools in a Small Backyard
    • Myth #10: You’ll Never Find a Shape You Want
Contact for Quote View eBook
Contact for Quote View eBook