Social Media + SEO = Web Presence Optimization

Social Media + SEO = Web Presence Optimization

SEO and Social Media go hand in hand. Your site can be optimized at its best, but to get the best Search Engine results, you should actively post to your Social Media accounts, i.e., Facebook, Twitter, blogs, Flickr & YouTube. When your site has an optimized SEO plan as well as utilizing the social media tools to help define your brand, this is what we call Web Presence Optimization or WPO.

Now you know that Social Media is important, are you ready to start posting?  Does the thought of posting on your blog or Facebook make you want to scream? Our Social Media team at Pool Marketing Site is here to help. We offer a 3 new Social Media services:

  • Social Media Engagement Posting Service
  • Basic Format Blog Posting Service
  • Custom Format Blog Posting Service

The Basic Format blog posting service is 4 blogs related to the pool industry that are keyword rich to help you with your SEO. The Custom Format blog posting service is  written specifically about your business and catered directly to the subjects you want to promote.  We also offer Social Media Posting service that has 20 Facebook and or Twitter posts per month that are geared specifically toward the Pool Moms. Contact us at Pool Marketing Site for more information.

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