Tweet Your Own News!

Pool Marketing Site is a social media agency, not a traditional public relations agency, so we’ll let you in on a little PR secret: Social networks are free distribution channels for your news!

With a little bit of guidance and some nimble fingers, you can share important information with social networkers in real-time settings online. We suggest an organized social media plan that incorporates a blog on your website with RSS, Facebook, Twitter and timely e-newsletter campaigns, but let’s take a closer look at Twitter today to understand what makes “tweets” newsworthy!

The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) recently cited Twitter as an “increasingly powerful publishing tool that anyone, journalists and non-journalists alike, can use to broadcast news to hundreds or even thousands of people.” Celebrities, politicians, CEOs and organizations large and small are finding their voice on Twitter, while many traditional media outlets now using tweets as sources for feature stories.

Here are seven “newsworthy” tweet ideas to help you start promoting your brand, cause or event on Twitter:

  1. Event announcements and countdowns
  2. Product announcements and links to video demonstrations or product descriptions
  3. Promotions and sales: reward your followers with coupon codes or secret sale announcements!
  4. Awards recognition
  5. New hiring or employee promotions
  6. Expert advice or links to helpful blog posts or articles
  7. Customer assistance or Q&A

Which tweet techniques work best for you?