8 Ways Pool & Spa Companies Can Benefit from Text Messaging

8 Ways Pool & Spa Companies Can Benefit from Text Messaging

Over the years, text messaging has evolved into a convenient way to connect with friends and family. But did you know that text messaging is also a powerful marketing and customer service tool for local pool and spa businesses?

Here are a few reasons why text messaging is a valuable communication channel for your business:

  • 98% of consumers open text messages 
  • 95% of text messages are opened within 3 minutes
  • Only 12% of local businesses currently use text messaging

If you want to reach more customers and gain an edge on your competitors, it’s time to think more seriously about text messaging. 

Benefits for pool & spa companies

Many consumers today receive too many emails in their inbox and don’t open them all right away. Text messaging helps you give your customers a better communication experience by meeting them where they are and giving them a convenient, personalized, and human connection. Since customers are more likely to open and read text messages, as well as 10x more likely to redeem coupons sent via text message, it’s a great way to reach customers directly with important updates, promotions, and appointments.

With a platform like Internet Reputation Protector, you can even manage all your communications from your webchat, Facebook Messenger, and text messages all in one dashboard, making it even easier to connect with your customers.

Here are a few of the reasons why your business should incorporate text messaging for marketing and customer service:

  1. It’s affordable 

Text messaging is one of the most cost-effective marketing campaigns you can run as a local business. Compared to digital marketing campaigns, text messaging campaigns are extremely low-cost to run, allowing you to drive new leads and increase customer retention at very little cost. Data also shows that providing options such as text directly increases a local business’s revenue.

  • Integrates well with other marketing channels

As a local business owner, you want a marketing channel that blends seamlessly with other options in your marketing mix, and text messaging does exactly that.

You can use text messaging to support and enhance other marketing mediums such as emails, social media, webchat, and more. For example, you can send a text message campaign to go along with your email or social media promotions to make sure customers see your offer. You can also send a text message reminding your clients to complete a purchase order they left pending.

  • Reach many customers at the same time

Send mass text messages to many contacts at once, enabling you to scale without adding overhead. This can save you significant time and labor costs since you don’t need to send a message to each customer individually.

  • Send high-quality content to your leads

Text messaging allows you to send images, videos, links, and text to your leads and customers to promote your business. This can help you drive traffic to your website and social media pages, or encourage customers to call you or visit your store.

  • Connect with customers individually

Text messaging allows you to keep in touch with your customers individually and easily switch from mass messaging to one-to-one personal chats with your customers.

  • Easily send promotional messages using templates

Use personalized text message templates to send mass text messages for any promotion, event, or special occasion, from initial sales inquiries through aftermarket sales.

  • Boost your reputation

Send text message requests for surveys and reviews to improve your online reputation, bring in more online reviews, and gain insight about your customers’ experience.

  • Improve your customer service

Text messages are a great way to make it even easier for your customers to communicate with you. You can use automation templates to send texts that follow up with your customers, send appointment reminders, and make sure they are happy with your services.

Text Messaging for Marketing & Customer Service

You can use text messaging with marketing and customer service automation templates to make it even easier.  This will help you grow your business and provide a great customer experience for your current client base without having your staff pull their hair out.

Text message marketing is the practice of using text to convert leads and keep customers engaged. You can easily send text, images, PDFs, videos, and links to many customers at once featuring promotions, offers, and more.

Promotional ad campaign text programs are a fast way to send mass texts to the right people at the right time. They help you strengthen and improve relationships with customers by sending special promotions, service reminders, current events, and more. It’s a great way to quickly and easily connect with your customers directly from initial sales inquiries through aftermarket sales.

Customer support text messaging is a fast and easy way to check in with your customers one one one to set up appointments, send reminders, request a review of your services, and more. With programs like Internet Reputation Protector, you can easily integrate text messaging with your existing platforms such as live web chat and Facebook Messenger to manage all your customer interactions in one place. Automated reminder text messaging is also available on customized workflows to easily remind your customers about service appointments.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for an easy way to send text messages to your customers, as well as keep track of all your customer messages in one place including Facebook Messenger and webchat, we can help. Go to internetreputationprotector.com to learn more about our all-in-one reputation management and customer interaction platform.

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