5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Suffering

5 Reasons Why Your Website Ranking is Suffering

Website ranking plays a critical role in the amount of traffic, exposure and sales your company receives. If your pool firm’s website is unranked, this means that your company is missing out on loads of opportunities to attract and win over new clients.

If your website isn’t ranking on Google, the time to fix this issue is now. Not sure where to start? It all begins with making sure that your website is properly indexed.

1. Check the Indexing

Website ranking relies heavily on indexing. If your website hasn’t been indexed in Google’s search results, the search engine has no idea that you exist and won’t include your website in its search.

Take some time to learn about how indexing works and try to dig into why your website isn’t ranking. It’s possible that it may have been de-indexed in error.

2. Check for Penalties

There is also the chance that Google has penalized your website and you may have missed the memo.

Google has strict rules and regulations in regards to how websites should be structured and optimized. If your previously ranking website has completely disappeared, review the Google Manual Actions report for your site and see what issues they have highlighted.

3. Check Your Keywords

Website ranking relies heavily on keywords. If you don’t have any keywords incorporated into your website, it’s time to start researching the best ones for your pool company.

You may be wondering why you aren’t ranking when you have keywords nicely dispersed through your website. Then there is a good chance that the keywords you’re targeting are either too broad or too competitive. Try changing these up by using long-tail keywords (i.e. “best pool company in Houston”) or location-specific keywords (i.e. “Houston pool builder”).

4. Check Your Page Load Speed

Google has made it no secret that page load speed plays a key role in your website ranking. If your website is slow and offers a poor user experience, Google will ding you by knocking your website down a few spots (or possibly a few pages!).

5. Check the Competition

You’re not the only pool company in town trying to land top spot in the Google search results. In order to rank, you’ll have to outperform the competition.

Outperforming your competition means producing more content of a higher quality, as well as generating reliable backlinks to your web pages. It will take time and persistence, but it is well worth the effort.

Website Ranking Starts with Knowing Where You Stand

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