How to Not Scare Audiences With Your Google Display Ads

How to Not Scare Audiences With Your Google Display Ads

Have you ever felt as if you were being virtually stalked as you hopped from social network to social network, website to website, because of the same branded ads you were constantly encountering? If so, then you have experienced Google Display Ads.

Unlike other types of ads (like Google Search Ads), Google Display Ads show advertisements for companies whose websites you have visited (and who have invested some marketing dollars into this type of advertisement).

Some of these companies are downright tenacious with Google Display Ads, leaving audiences feeling annoyed if not downright angered by their brand’s seemingly constant presence on their browser. There are strategies you can use, however, to make sure that you maintain a great brand image while taking advantage of this powerful ad format.

1. Look At Your In-Market Audience

Your in-market audience is those who are showing a different behavior pattern than they typically do online. For example, let’s say an individual is usually looking up local news, recipes and fashion trends. Then they suddenly divert from this behavior and begin looking at websites and content involving pools and hot tub purchasing and ownership.

This “pings” Google and leads Google to assume that this person who has deviated from their usual websites is interested in pools and hot tubs. As a result, Google Display Ads for your pool and hot tub company will pop up as that user moves throughout the web.

2. Look At Your Affinity Audience

Let’s say the above news-loving fashionable chef suddenly starts looking into outdoor activities like camping and swimming in the lake. As a pool company, you likely wouldn’t be interested in having your ads shown to them.

You have the power to tell Google what interest “groups” you want your ads shown to. This could include people who enjoy exercise, outdoor living enthusiasts who love spending time entertaining in their backyard, and even those who suffer from medical conditions including heart disease and arthritis.

3. Look At Your Custom Intent Audience

Google gives marketers the opportunity to say exactly who you want your pool company display ads shown to based on their behavior. You can tell Google which landing pages (placements) or keywords you want to target, like “build a pool” or “buy a hot tub.” You can also tell Google if you want to target users who have visited both yours and a competitor’s website.

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