Instagram Introduces One-Tap In-App Shopping

Instagram Introduces One-Tap In-App Shopping

When Instagram first hit the social networking scene back in 2010, it was largely about selfies and sharing videos as well as snapshots of things users found beautiful, interesting or quirky. Fast-forward a few years, and it is now an advertising powerhouse that is transforming the lives of online businesses for the better.

Instagram has made a number of updates throughout the years. One of the most exciting is right around the corner with pool and spa companies soon being able to “tag” and link brands, as well as products, directly from their gorgeous Instagram images.


What’s Changing with Tagging on Instagram

Creators have the ability to tag brands in photos as well as provide a short write up about products in a caption. The problem is that users still have to look up that product on their own if they want to make a purchase.

With this new tagging update, users can tap on a pool or spa product tag and then be conveniently sent to your in-app shopping page, making the sales process a whole lot easier.

Initially this functionality will only be available to a small group of key influencers who are part of Instagram’s checkout beta. The network plans on rolling it out to all businesses over time.


Why Your Pool & Spa Company Needs to Be On Instagram

If you’re not already on Instagram, you’re missing out on a major marketing opportunity.

  • Instagram hit the 1 billion monthly active user mark in June 2018 (and over 500 million use this platform on a daily basis!). Given the popularity of the network, it’s fair to assume that this number has grown even more since then.
  • Eighty-three percent of Instagram users are discovering new products and services on the platform. Simply being on the network is helping bridge the gap between consumers and businesses.
  • Instagram is great for user engagement. In 2018, Emarketer found that Instagram was the second most engaged social media network (Facebook claimed the top spot).


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