Over Half of Google Searches Go Unclicked (And How to Change This!)

Over Half of Google Searches Go Unclicked (And How to Change This!)

Do you ever feel as if your great video and written content isn’t getting the attention it deserves from the online world? A recent Google search report reveals that you aren’t alone.

SparkToro and Jumpshot released a report last week showing that just over fifty percent (50.33 percent) of Google searches aren’t being clicked. They also found that organic clicks through search accounted for 42.25 percent of all clicks, and searches with ad clicks made up the remaining 4.42 percent.

If you happen to use pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google, there is some good news. Mobile PPC clicks have grown over the last three years from 3.34 percent of clicks in 2016 to 11.38 percent of clicks as of June 2019.

These numbers are undoubtedly shocking if not scary for companies across all industries. But there are things that can be done to improve the number of clicks you’re receiving through Google Search.

How to Make Yourself More “Clickable” on Google Search

Getting more clicks on Google search requires no special tools or tricks. Here’s what you can do

1. Review Your Top Ranking Pages

Run through your top-ranking web pages and try to view them from a potential customer’s point of view. Think about whether or not you’d be interested in clicking the link. Does the title and description tell the customer what they need to know?

2. Make Your Value and Importance Known

Vague and under-optimized descriptions and page titles could be costing you clicks. Update page titles and meta descriptions so that they clearly demonstrate what it is you have to offer.

3. Understand SEO and How to Boost Page Rank

Search engine optimization plays a critical role in where you show up in Google search. Techniques and strategies continue to change, which is why keeping up to date with the latest policy changes and regulations is critical in securing the highest rank possible.

4. Partner with a Reliable Digital Media Marketer

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