The Proof Is in the Stats: People Shop Based on Visual Content

The Proof Is in the Stats: People Shop Based on Visual Content

When it comes to online shopping, visual content is taking over. While there will always be a need for text-based content, it’s becoming all the more apparent that visual content like images, memes, GIFs and video are becoming increasingly important for companies – and that could not be truer than for pool and spa firms

Pool and spa builders and designers have a lot to offer when it comes to dazzling eye-catching backyards and jaw-dropping landscapes. As if that isn’t reason enough to post images and videos of your creations, here are some of the latest stats on the importance of visual content:

1. Videos Expected to Represent 82 Percent of All Internet Traffic By 2021

A recent study from Cisco has shared that well over 80 percent of global Internet traffic will be video. This is an increase from 67 percent in 2016.

This boom in video content means that:

* There will be close to two billion internet video users when 2021 rolls around

* Internet users will be watching a stunning three trillion minutes of video per month by the same year

With stats like 80 percent of audiences choosing to skim text content rather than read it (though text content which incorporates visuals actually deliver higher read-through rates by as much as 80 percent), it’s easy to see that video is the preferred medium for consumers.

2. Instagram Is the Place to Be for Firms with Visual Content

Another study uncovered that 60 percent of people discover products on Instagram, and 75 percent of Instagram users will take action (like filling out a form or visiting a company’s website) after viewing a company’s post on the network.

So if you have fantastic products or want to show off one of your latest and greatest pool projects, Instagram is the place to do it.

3. Internet Users Will Look For Videos Related to Products/Services Before Visiting a Store

According to Think With Google, close to 50 percent of Internet users are searching for videos related to your brand (like your products and services) before they will even consider visiting your store.

The video content doesn’t even have to necessarily be directly related to the product and service itself. They may be in search of educational content or additional social proof (like on location testimonial videos) to help them determine if you’re the right person to help them bring their dream poolscape to life.

Pool Marketing Site has the right visual content solution for your pool company based on your goals and your budget. From transforming stand-alone images into beautiful moving 3D works of art to accessible and affordable video content creation, we can help with it all. Contact us today to learn more!

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